Taiwan's second largest city--home to good eats, friendly people, and 13 Fulbright English Teaching assistants. Welcome!

You can find Kaohsiung-specific information for ETAs below--be sure to check out the main Teaching tab above for general classroom resources.

Incoming English Teaching Assistant Overview:

The Fulbright Program was envisioned as "a modest program with an immodest aim — the achievement in international affairs of a regime more civilized, rational and humane" than any that had come before. You will be taking part in that grand, modern tradition this year as an English Teaching Assistant in our favorite city in Taiwan. 

As an English Teaching Assistant, you share classrooms with local Taiwanese co-teachers at elementary schools in Kaohsiung and the surrounding countryside. Typically, you will have 2-4 co-teachers and teach at two schools. You will teach twenty classes each week, leaving plenty of time to pick up fulfilling volunteer side hustles at your school and in your community. There is ample variety in teaching environments; the city is home to schools ranging in size from several dozen students to several thousand, and there are schools located in both rural and urban settings. Once you arrive, you will have a chance to learn more about schools and where you would like to be placed.

The city has much to do and more to eat, and is easily traversable by bike and a new metro system. Scooters make getting around even easier, but you MUST wear a helmet. ETAs live in groups of 2-4 at apartments in and around Kaohsiung. These are arranged by the Fulbright Kaohsiung team.

Not all ETAs speak Chinese, and Taiwanese people in general are happy to help and will speak some amount of English. However, speaking the language opens up a whole range of opportunities that you would never otherwise be able to experience (Imagine trying to experience the best of America without being able to speak English). Our recommendation: 趕快開始學習!If you're really looking for a challenge, start brushing up on your Taiwanese (臺語 / 閩南話).

This year, you will work every day to teach English, contribute to your community, and represent your country. There has never been a more important time to foster understanding and goodwill across borders and cultures, so remember in your daily grind that you are working for a cause bigger than whatever small things may drag you down. This year should challenge you; when it does, think back to how motivated you are now and to the ambitious plans you have for this year.

Take care of each other, eat up, and make the most of this incredible opportunity. 


The 2016-2017 Kaohsiung ETA team

ETA Q&A with 

Lily and Ying '16-'17

Celebrating 10 Years of Fulbright in Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung '16-'17 Mid-Year Conference Intro
Taiwan through Olivia's Eyes ('16-'17)


Kaohsiung ETA Coordinator: FONDA MAO

Fonda! Fonda helps ETAs make a home and live out a successful Fulbright grant year in Kaohsiung. As the Kaohsiung ETA coordinator, she helps arrange all manner of program logistics and is helpful with questions about any manner of life in Kaohsiung. She'll be by your side all year--keep her Line and phone number handy!

Fonda Mao has been the Kaohsiung Fulbright ETA program since 2009. She was raised in Kaohsiung, and is very impressed to see how the city has changed over the past decade. Prior to her current position, she lived in Vancouver, Canada, where she completed a B.A in hotel management and worked for an art school. After moving back to Kaohsiung, she worked for the 2009 Kaohsiung World Games Organizing Committee and was a Research Assistant at National Sun-Yat Sen University.    



"As a team, we can learn and grow together to be prepared for the city that has everything!"

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