An Lan Elementary School

2015-2016 ETA:  Adrian Brandon <>

Location: Bishan Village, between Shanwai and Shamei

Commute: Short-Medium – From Shanwai, An-Lan is a 5-10 minute scooter ride or a 15 minute bike ride. Taking the bus from Shanwai requires a transfer in Shamei, and is not practical. From Shamei, the school is approximately 5 minute scooter ride.

Resources: An-Lan is equipped with a large English Classroom. All English classes are held there. The room has a smartboard and themed window shades with a variety of English words. The ETA is given free range in the usage and decoration of the room. There is also a small English library in the back full of great books, movies and music.

Teaching: Co-teaching classes are out of the textbook and workbook, but the solo classes are your own to design. You can create your own curriculum, build and expand upon what the kids are learning, or reinforce what students are learning in their regular English classes.

Average Class Size: Around 12-13 students per class

Co-teachers: Two, Samantha and Andrea

Specialties: Beigan- Traditional temple music

An-Lan Elementary School is a small school in the northeastern corner of the island. A majority of the students are from the Bishan and Shanhou areas. Most of the classes are very small and the teachers are dedicated to having the students learn English. Many of the homeroom teachers, even with limited English, will try and help in class in any way they can. An-Lan also celebrates major cultural holidays with fun activities. As an ETA, you are given a lot of freedom to try new things both inside and outside the classroom. For example, I was able to take 1st grade Chinese, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting with the students. In the beginning, Samantha does a great job of letting you slowly settle into the schedule and teaching solo-classes. The staff here is extremely friendly, and will help you with anything, whether it is working on teaching style, or any problems that occur in your daily life. Samantha is an amazing teacher and is very fun to work with. She is open to new ideas, offers great feedback about teaching styles and has a great sense of humor.