Bo Cun Elementary School

2016-17 ETA:  Jordan Krause <>

Location: The Southeast tip of Jinhu Township, near Liaoluo Village (料羅) and the coastline.

Commute:Short –From Shanwai (山外) it will take 5-10 minutes by scooter or 15-20 minutes by bike. There are also buses No. 19 and No. 20 from the Shanwai Station that service Bo Cun.

Resources: Classrooms are equipped with a computer and a Smartboard. Most of the Smartboards are not activated as such but will work fine as projectors. In the office, you will likely have your own cubicle and computer. The office has a printer, laminator, copy machine, and is well stocked with printer and colored paper, markers, scissors etc. There are Audio-Visual, Art and Science classrooms that you can ask to use for special projects.

Teaching: Co-teaching classes will mostly focus on going through textbook materials with grades 3-6 and preparing them for mid-term and final exams. Solo classes will be with grades 1-6 and have no set curriculum; they are dedicated to holidays, culture, extra vocabulary, textbook review games etc. Bi-weekly, the Thursday mornings are also English Day where the ETA will lead a school-wide activity for 10-15 minutes. There is a rolling white board and other materials to assist with this activity, as well as use of the AV room for PowerPoint presentations.       

Average Class Size: Small to medium – 7 to 20 students.

Co-teachers: One or two

Specialties: Traditional Music, Ping Pong

Bo-Cun (also written as Bo-Tsuen or Bor-Tsuen) is a small school with one class per grade and an average class size of 12 students. The small classes mean you can get to know all of your students very well by the end of the year. It also means that you can create fun games and activities for smaller groups of students and easily do any sort of craft or project with them without having to use too many materials or have too much trouble managing the classroom.

The community around Bo-Cun is small but growing, and many of the students have grown up together or are related to each other. Additionally, many of them come from fishing and farming families. A main fishing port is a 10-minute walk away and there are multiple beaches within walking or biking distance. Because of their proximity to the ocean, Bo-Cun has an affinity for seafood, as exemplified by their great school lunches and the frequent school staff dinners at a local seafood restaurant.

Bo-Cun also holds school-wide meetings every Monday and Thursday morning where teachers give announcements and students receive awards. These meetings take place outside unless it is pouring rain.