Duo Nian Elementary School

2015-2016 ETA:  Karen Lue <karenlue13@gmail.com>

Location: Near southeastern end of Kinmen, in a rural area.

Commute: Short – You must take a 10-12 minute scooter ride from Shanwai. There are no bus stops near the school.

Resources: Classrooms are equipped with computers, smart boards, and projectors. All students have personal white boards and markers. Recently, Duo Nian has also received tablets for each student that work over wifi. ETAs are provided with their own desk and desktop computer in the main office. The office has basic supplies (paper, paper clips, post-its, staplers, tape, glue) but you will have to buy your own supplies if you want to make anything extra for the classroom (posterboards, markers). There is also a laminating machine and a paper cutter that any teacher is free to use. Previous ETAs have left a lot of supplies on the desk for you to use. Duo Nian's library also has a selection of English books that the ETA is free to use in their lessons.

Teaching: Co-teaching classes follow the textbook. Duo Nian uses the Super Wow series for grades 4-6 and Follow Me for grade 3. For individual classes, the curriculum is essentially up to you! You can choose to add on to textbook lessons or teach any English language topic or American culture theme you feel is relevant. In previous years, the ETA has taught a school-wide cultural class for grades 2-6 and an English dialogue class for grades 3-6. ETAs have also gotten involved with reading English books to kindergarten classes and held a twice-weekly English Club. Duo Nian usually plans their own school-wide activities for holidays such as Christmas and Mother's Day, and the ETA is encouraged to take part adding an English-language component such as Christmas caroling. Typically, the ETA's schedule will have a majority of solo-teaching classes and only one co-teaching class per grade for grades 3-6. 

Average Class Size: Small — 10-15 students

Co-teachers: Two

Specialties: Unicycle, Art, Tug-of-War, Softball

Duo Nian Elementary School is a small school located in a rural area on the southeastern end of Kinmen. Because of the small class size, you can build intimate relationships with your students and design activities and games with relative ease and flexibility. Expect to teach a majority of solo classes, which makes for more work but greater creativity in lesson planning. While co-taught classes follow the textbooks, the ETA is able to expose students to a wide variety of topics and vocabulary in their solo classes. The staff at Duo Nian is very friendly and helpful. While your LETs are your main point persons, there are typically two - three tidayis (school soldiers) who act as great resources for any questions about the school and school activities. Duo Nian will have whole-school celebrations for holidays such as Teacher's Day, Christmas, Children's Day, and Mother's Day that are a lot of fun. 

The campus itself is beautiful and is equipped with a large Activity Room with a computer, stage, and projector. In the past, ETAs have used the Activity Room for school-wide activities, English Club, and a dialogues class. Don't be surprised to see students unicycling around during break periods! Duo Nian is the only school on the island to practice unicycling and students begin learning from 1st grade. Duo Nian regularly competes in island-wide competitions, including singing, tug-of-war, and Sports Day. A great way to bond with your students, teachers, and show support for your school is to attend any competitions and performances. 

Duo Nian provides a great opportunity to get to know your students, be included in a friendly school community, and learn unicycling!