Gu Cheng Elementary School

2015-2016 ETA:  Sam Jeong <>

Location: South of Jincheng, near Gugang Lake and Zhushan Village

Commute: Short--a 3-minute walk if living in Gugang, about 7-10 minute scooter ride from Jincheng

ResourcesClassrooms are equipped with computers, smartboards, decent wifi, and a blackboard. Gu Cheng allots a set amoutn of funding for you to get materials, and is generally very well-supplied. You have unlimited printing access, and access to craft materials (scissors, glue, etc.). The ETA has a computer in the office.

Teaching: You are expected to teach a total of 16 classes. In 2015-2016, the ETA taught 12 solo classes and 4 co-taught classes. You have absolute autonomy in your solo classes, but hopefully it will be an enrichment of already learned vocabulary/sentence patterns from the past years. The co-taught classes follow a 20-20 model, where the LET teaches the first half of the class (vocab/sentence patterns) and the ETA takes the latter half (activities, games, etc.). 

The 2015-2016 academic year was the first year Gu Cheng employed a Fulbright ETA. Nestled in the quaint town of Gugang, Gu Cheng Elementary School boasts a rich history of over a century. There are many sibling pairs/cousins that attend the school together, and the students' relationships with each other are particularly close. Many of the teachers have been teaching at Gu Cheng for 10, 20, or even 30 years, and are extremely friendly and will more likely than not pepper your desks with weekly sweets and gifts. Gu Cheng is like a small family--many of the homeroom teachers have been with the students since first grade, and really understand each students' strengths and weaknesses and can be great resources.

Gu Cheng students participate in a myriad of competitions, from Reader's Theater (the ETA will more or less be in charge of this) an drumming to basketball and softball. Students also have individual competitions (drawing, calligraphy, essay writing), and you rae more than welcome to attend the competitions and cheer the students on. The students also love to dance and will prepare a long time for school events.