He Pu Elementary School

2015-2016 ETA:  Alex Lee <arreku@gmail.com>

Location: Near Shamei, off of Huandao North Road.

Commute: Short - Medium – From Shamei, He Pu is 5 minutes away by scooter or 10 minutes by bike. You can also take the 7:20 bus from Shamei. If living in Jincheng or Shanwai, the commute is a bit farther, about 12-15 minutes by scooter.

Resources: All classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. However, the internet is unreliable; previous ETAs recommend putting all media on a hard drive to take with you throughout the day. For lecture style classes, you can try using the presentation room. The auditorium, which is usually only used for PE, is also available for class with advanced notice; it has a lot of open space to use for big games or performances.

Teaching: Co-teaching largely follows the Hello Kids! textbook, with requirements to fill out the workbook and textbook by the end of every semester. The students tend to have four English classes a week: two co-teaching, one with their LET, and another with another foreign English Teaching Assistant. Previous ETAs used their solo class for cultural lessons in addition to providing supplemental help on textbook grammar and/or vocabulary. Many students do not go to English cram classes and will benefit from the extra practice.

Average Class Size: Middle to large — 12-30 students with a 17 student average.

Co-teachers: Two or Three

Specialties: Ping Pong, Basketball

He Pu Elementary is a smaller sized school with a big heart. The principal really wants to encourage student creativity and achievement. Students showcase their talents at weekly assemblies and at talent shows at the end of every semester. Any activity encouraging school spirit is encouraged. Everyone is passionate about basketball or ping pong – you’ll often walk into a class with students checking the scores on an NBA game. The school lunches are delicious, and the chefs are some of the friendliest ladies you’ll ever meet. Discipline is very important to the school culture, which contributes to a very safe and supportive learning environment for the kids.