Jhong Jheng Elementary School

2016-2017 ETAs:  Laura Wang <leerumw@gmail.com>, Ned Lu <nedlu2012@gmail.com>

Location: Jincheng, next to the alleys and down the street from Kinmen Senior High School

Commute: Short, a 10 minute walk or 3 minute scooter ride from the downtown Jincheng apartments.

Resources: Each teacher will be provided their own desk, desktop computer, a set of drawers, and basic office supplies in the English teachers’ office. There is a black-and-white printer in the office, a copy machine in the homeroom teachers’ office on each floor, and a color printer in the Academic Affairs office. All classrooms have a computer, a projector, a smartboard, and speakers. English teachers share paper, markers, glue, and scissors. Teachers can also check out English language books in the 4th floor library. If you need materials that aren't already in the office, just ask!

Teaching: All classes are co-taught with an LET. All students have 2 Language and Culture classes per week. Grades 3-6 also have 2 textbook English classes per week. In 2016-2017, the ETAs each co-taught all the Language and Culture classes in a grade level. ETAs will also collaborate to teach and design curriculum for a first or second grade English Club.

Average Class Size: 25-30 students per class, 15-20 students for English Club

Co-teachers: 9; Megan, Lynn, Cathy, Phoebe, Jennifer, Phoebe, Carter, Yvonne, Michelle


Located on the eastern side of Kinmen, Jhong Jheng Elementary School is the largest elementary school on the island with over 1,000 students in grades 1-6. Class sizes are large, and previous ETAs have been responsible for co-teaching in one grade only. Typically, you will see these students twice per week for Language and Culture class. All of the students are from Jincheng, so socioeconomic standing varies. In every class, there are students who attend cram school and have a level of English higher than the textbook and students who severely struggle with the language. The school hosts various events and competitions ETAs can help with, such as English singing competitions, Readers Theater, and American holiday station-oriented activities. The staff is helpful; you just need to ask.

Jhong Jheng would be a good school for ETAs with a low Chinese level and/or minimal teaching experience. There are many English-speaking teachers and administrators at Jhong Jheng. The high number of co-taught classes can also help new teachers grow into their role.