Jhou Huan Elementary School

2015-2016 ETA:  Ross Busch <rosshbusch@gmail.com>

Location: In Donglin, Little Kinmen (near the only 7-eleven!)

Commute: Long – You must take the intra-island ferry from the Shuitou port (水頭) to Little Kinmen’s port and then scooter to school for a total of about 30 minutes one way. To get from JhuoHuan to the biweekly workshop meetings in Shanwai (山外),it takes about an hour and you have to rush your lunch.

Resources: Classrooms are equipped with computers and smart boards/projectors. ETA will get their own desk and is on the main floor office with other home room teachers and administrators. ETA’s own desktop computer, cabinets, and other office materials (printing, paper, lamination, staplers, etc) are provided.

Teaching: Teachers follow the textbook, Hello, Kids! and begin English starting from 2nd grade. Depending on what you majored in, you will be either given solo classes for each grade, or specialty co-teaching classes such as art or music.

Average Class Size: Medium — 12 to 21 students

Co-teachers: Four (Three English co-teachers, one music co-teacher)

Specialties: Ping-Pong, Running

Jhuo Huan Elementary School is the largest elementary school in Little Kinmen. The students live in the Donglin area, and most of them walk or bike to school. All of the teachers are extremely accommodating, friendly, and welcoming. The elementary school encourages English learning and activities including having students sing English songs in music class, having Halloween and Christmas activities in English, and participating in Jinmen and Taiwan’s Reader’s Theater Competitions. Jhuo Huan provides free delicious lunches made by their friendly cooks.  Jhuo Huan is a wonderful and loving family – they do their best to support each other and make their teachers and ETA feel part of the community.