Jin Hu Elementary School

2015-2016 ETAs:: Karoline Kaon ; Heather Anderson ; Aaron Foglio amfoglio@gmail.com

2016-2017 ETAs: Megan Ferguson megan.ferguson@fulbrightmail.org; Belle Trimble-Quiz

2017-2018 ETAs: Kelsey O’Donnell kelseyodonnell12@gmail.com; Amy He amyhe34@gmail.com

Location: Downtown Shanwai (山外)

Commute: Short, no more than 5-10 minutes by scooter from Shanwai apartments.

Resources: All classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. There are enough tablets (30) for all the children to use in class if you ask in advance. The projectors can be synced with Apple and Android tablets for screen share capabilities. The internet at the school is generally reliable, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup. If you are interested in starting a club or facilitating an activity, contact the current academic coordinator. Teachers share administration duties, so this person may change each year. The academic coordinator creates the schedule for the entire school and is your go-to person for supplies or printing. If you need construction paper, markers or any other supplies, ask them at least a week in advance.

Teaching: Jinhu had 2 ETAs during the 2017-2018 academic year. Each grade here has 4 classes of students. The students formally start learning English in 3rd grade. One ETA taught 1st through 4th grade with 3 LETs, seeing each class of students once per week. The 1st and 2nd grade curriculum was open to the discretion of the ETA and taught without an LET. The 3rd and 4th grade classes were co-taught with an LET and followed the textbook curriculum with some holiday activities. Another ETA taught 1st, 5th, and 6th grades with 2 LETs. They taught 5th grade twice a week (solo and co-teaching), 6th grade once a week (co-teaching), and 1st grade once a week (solo). ETAs are allowed to design the curriculum for their solo class. In 3rd through 6th grade the students will see the LET without the ETA for one class per week.

Average class size: Large – 22 to 26 students in each class

Co-teachers: ETAs will typically work with 2 to 4 LETs

Specialties: Jinhu has no single specialty, but students have interests in Basketball, Track and Field, Tug-of-War, Gymnastics, Taiwanese Drum, Modern and Traditional Dance.

Jinhu Elementary School is the second largest school in Kinmen. There are roughly 900 students. At Jinhu you will be welcomed with open arms and big hearts. The students here are cute, friendly and have big personalities. LETs are really animated and willing to help with long-term projects and holiday events. Jinhu placed in the top tier for Reader’s Theater in 2014, 2016, and 2017. They are active participants in sports events around Kinmen and Taiwan. Jinhu houses English Village so you have the convenience of accessing the EV library as well as the Jinhu library. Jinhu has a world-class gymnastics gym. Jinhu offers the opportunity to make a big difference to a large number of students! You will see your students everywhere around Shanwai and meet a lot of their families. They will always be ecstatic to see their English teacher when you walk around Shanwai.