Jin Ning Elementary School

Location:Jinning (金寧)Township near Anqi village, on the northwest side of Kinmen

Commute: Jin Ning is only a 7 minute scooter ride from downtown Jincheng (金城) and a 4 minute scooter ride from Dingbao. You can easily get there by scootering, biking, or even walking. Shanwai is around 15 minutes away by scooter. 

Resources: Classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. The office is also well equipped with a laminating machine, copier, color printer, and all sorts of classroom tools such as timers, spinners, and sticky balls. You can request special items for big holidays and culture lessons too. Some classrooms have smart boards but not all, and you can also use a wireless mouse clicker in most classrooms so that the computer slides can be turned without going back to the computer each time. In past years, ETAs were provided a personal computer and desk in the office.

Teaching: Co-teaching classes are structured around a textbook-based curriculum, whereas for solo teaching classes you are expected to make your own curriculum. Jin Ning's LET is really open to collaborative planning and incorporating lots of engaging activities into the lessons, so you will have lots of fun planning each lesson with her. In the Spring 2017 semester, third to fifth grade English classes were co-taught; second, sixth, and added remedial classes (for struggling learners) were solo taught. Solo teaching classes focused on culture and communication in English and remedial classes focused on phonics. 

Average Class Size: Medium — 18 students

Co-teachers: One

Specialties: T-Ball, Taiwanese drumming, Track and Field, Badminton

Jin Ning Elementary is a really special school. In addition to academics, the administration also places heavy emphasis on extracurricular involvement. Students have a TON of energy, and many of them are involved in various athletic or musical pursuits, from badminton to Taiwanese drumming. Jin Ning students consistently place at the top in national competitions in Taiwanese drumming (Taigu), badminton, and T-Ball. In addition to sports and music, Jin Ning also shines academically; Jin Ning students always do well in English competitions such as Reader's Theatre and the Speech Competition. Jin Ning's administration is very open to ETA involvement in many, if not all, of their students' extracurriculars. ETAs in previous years have been able to join students' Taiwanese drumming practices, sing with students in Minanyu for musical concerts, play badminton with students, or join students for a casual game of T-Ball. Jin Ning's student body, love for sports and music, and friendly teaching environment make it a great place to work and grow.