Jin Sha Elementary School

2015-16 ETA: Andrea Hale <amvhale@gmail.com>

Location: Across from the Shamei Bus Station

Commute: Short – About a 5 minute walk from the Shamei apartment.

Resources: Classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors, and smart boards. The school provides two English specific classrooms: one with a computer on the 3rd floor and an English themed room in the basement.  There are many movies, English books, and CDs, which can be used as material for individually designed classes. The school will reimburse you for any extra teaching materials you need (for ex. craft, baking and candy).  Finally, each teacher has a desk and computer in the main office.

Teaching: The school’s curriculum is based off of the HelloKids book series. You have more freedom with curriculum design in individual classes, but it is recommended to plan lessons that . If you co-teach supplementary classes it’s a mixture of textbook and additional material that you decide on with your co-teacher.

Extracurricular Activities: Activities include lion dance with drums, traditional dance, guzheng (zither), calligraphy, and ping pong. Consult the school administrators for more information.