Sian An Elementary School

2016-17 ETA: Mia Hahn <>

Location: Anqian, which is south of Jincheng

Commute: Short- no more than a 3-10 minutes commute by motorbike from Jincheng apartments.

Resources: All classrooms, including the English classroom, are equipped with computers, projectors, and SmartBoards. There are 30 iPads that filled with great educational apps like Osmo, Kahoot, and PaGamO. Apple AirPlay is also available. Your office desk is equipped with a personal desktop computer, individual-sized white boards, and the textbook resources.

Teaching: In 2016-2017, the ETA taught 3 solo classes and 4 co-teaching classes. The ETA teaches grades 1-6. The 1st-2nd graders have English class once a week and since there is no textbook, the curriculum is flexible. The 3rd-6th graders have a textbook and English class twice a week so completing the textbook is a priority. The ETA will have three co-teachers, each with different expectations for co-teaching, but all very supportive of incorporating cultural lessons and activities into the classroom. Friday afternoons are club time for 3rd-6th grade, English club is one of these clubs. It is not mandatory for the ETA to participate in English club however, the ETA can collaborate with the LET that leads the class to do projects or teach cultural activities.

Average Class Size: Medium to large-- 16 to 26 students

Co-teachers: 3


Sian An is one of the larger schools in Kinmen. Since the ETA teaches grades 1-6, the ETA will interact with all of the school’s students. This is a joy but also a challenge because the curriculum is different for each grade.


The Friday afternoon club time exposes students to a variety of activities, including Chinese calligraphy, AutoCad, ScratchPad, pottery, and outdoor adventure. The ETA is welcome to join any of these clubs. Sian An teachers encourage the students to enjoy learning and to try new things which has led to the students having a positive attitude toward English learning and cultural exchange.


Sian An students come from 17 villages so it is very likely you will bump into your students whenever you are walking around Jingcheng and they will be excited to see you!