Xi Kou Elementary School

2015-16 ETA: Travis Trojan <trojantne@gmail.com>

Location: Xi Fang Village, near Shuangkou Beach

Commute: Long- you must drive from Jin Cheng to Shuitou Port, take the ferry, and drive from Jiugong Port to Xi Kou (30 mins). The commute from Xi Kou to Shanwai for the bi weekly meetings takes about one hour.

Resources: All classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. Some classrooms are equipped with Smart-boards. The school also has an AV Room equipped with 20 tablets, a touch-screen TV, and Apple TV. Your office is equipped with a personal desktop computer and several teaching resources left by previous ETAs.

Teaching: Co-teaching classes generally follow the textbook. Self-taught classes cover review, games, crafts, and/or cultural lessons. The ETA is also expected to co-teach an English Club on Wednesdays. You will have two to three co-teachers, each with differing experiences and expectations for the co-teaching dynamic.

Average Class Size: Small, 3-18 students

Co-teachers: 2-3

Specialties: Ping-Pong, T-Ball, Technology, Taiwanese, Recorder

Xi Kou Elementary is located on the west side of Small Kinmen between Zhuo Huan and Shang Qi. The school and classes are small, allowing the ETA the opportunity to get to know each and every student. The teachers at Xi Kou are generally younger, very open and quite creative. In regards to the ETA, they are very inclusive and open to new ideas and projects. Though English is not Xi Kou's strong suit, they more than make up for it in personality, enthusiasm, and spunk. Best for teachers who are energetic, a little sarcastic, and can think on their feet.