Zheng Yi Elementary School

2016-2017 ETA: Samantha Juster <samanthahjuster@gmail.com>

Location: In Cheng Gong (成功), next to Cheng Gong Beach

Commute: Cheng Gong is about a 10 minute scooter ride from Shanwai. The town also has a bus stop about a two minute walk away from the school.

Resources: All of the classrooms are equipped with a computer and projector (some classrooms have smartboards). There is a laminator available for use to make flashcards and other visual aids. Teachers and school soldiers are willing to help you find any materials you may need for class if you tell them ahead of time. The school provides a nice selection of English books that you will likely be familiar with from elementary school in the U.S. You should provide your own project supplies such as poster board, construction paper, etc. The school is willing to compensate you for materials you purchase for class. The office has a black and white copier and scanner that is connected to your desktop computer. A color printer is also available to use sparingly.

Teaching: Eight hours a week are co-taught with your LET (3rd-6th grade). For these classes, you will collaborate with the ELT on activities that center around Super Wow English textbooks. The remaining ten classes are independently taught (a school soldier or homeroom teacher will sit in on the class). For your solo classes, you have freedom to design and develop your own curriculum. The administration values reading skills, so expect to teach phonics, writing, and reading comprehension. 

Class Size: Smallest is 8 students, largest is 16 students

Co-Teachers:  One

The school is situated in an old military fort and has the largest campus in Kinmen. The former principal converted old military buildings into a beautiful garden. You will get to know your fellow teachers, students and their families very well, as Cheng Gong is a small town and the school community is very close.