Lieyu Junior High School


2016-2017 ETA: Emily Stein

Location: Houing, Little Kinmen

Commute: Long- you must drive from Jincheng to Shuitou Port, take the ferry, and drive from Jiugong Port to Lieyu (30 mins). The commute to Shanwai for the bi weekly meetings takes about one hour.

Resources: Classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. The ETA is provided with a computer. There is a computer lab. The office is equipped with office supplies and is willing to help you buy what is need for class.

Teaching: An ETA has only been at this school for one year. 7th grade reading classes are taught with an English tidaiyi. Other than that, all classes will be taught with an LET. In half of the classes the ETA serves as an assistant to the LET, helping with pronunciation and fluency as needed. The other half of the classes the ETA leads classes focusing on oral practice and culture with the help of an LET. In 2016-2017, in the second semester, the ETA was also given three extra conversation classes to give students more opportunities to talk with a native speaker. Although there is very much a focus on the textbook and testing, the ETA has a lot of freedom in the classroom and does not have to follow the textbook at all.

Average class size: 15-26. Each grade (7-9) has two classes. In 2016-2017 the 7th and 9th grades had about 15 students each, while the 8th grade had about 25 students each.

Co-teachers: There are 2 LETs. The students love both and they are very supportive of the ETA.  June has been at the school for two years. Yoli is new to the school, having come after the Chinese New Year break. 

Specialties: Lion Dance

Lieyu Junior High School is the only junior high school in Little Kinmen, getting students from all three of the elementary schools and is the smallest junior high school in Kinmen. The ETA is one of the few teachers who teaches all of the students. The students are very involved in all activities, from practicing for the English speech competition to Chinese competitions to sports competitions. They appreciate seeing the ETA at other events outside of school and being able to teach the ETA something, like playing table tennis.