Taitung's Scenic Spots

East Rift Valley

Stepping on the land of the East Rift Valley and taking a deep breath, you will find that the air is filled with the aroma of the earth. The smell is so familiar that makes people feel comfortable like home. It is because people and the land become closer. Looking up afar, you will find that sky,mountains and fields constitute a natural painting that slowly rolls off with travelers' footsteps.

Wuling Green Tunnel

Turning into the old No.9 Provincial Highway, you will see Wuling Green Tunnel. Its dense shade composed of camphor and beefwood as well as leisure and tranquil tunnel can relieve travelers' fatigue. The owner of Mini Coffee House hidden inside the tunnel is also hospitable. What you taste is the carefully cooked coffee.

Taitung Forest Park - map

The dreamlike Taitung Forest Park covers an extensive area with plenty and towering trees.Travelers can rent bicycles to hang around in the forest trails by following the indicative signs, looking for the three beautiful lakes. The artificially constructed "Flowing Lake" is where "Austronesian Cultural Festival" is held. The annual dragon boat race and national triathlon also take place here. The naturally formed "Pipa Lake" is quiet and beautiful, like a piece of natural painting.


East Coastline

Provincial Highway 11, the most beautiful coastline in Taiwan Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean and features different characteristic coastlines. The coastline of Provincial Highway 11, in particular, transcends others with its primitive, natural and beautiful scenery. Some people say that the Provincial Highway 11 in eastern Taiwan has the most beautiful coastline all over the nation.

Mr. Brown Avenue

Chihshang Township is the start of Taitung section of the East Rift Valley. A tract of border-less rice fields is very amazing. It is where a well-known advertisement was shot. Mr. Brown Avenue is the best location to see the scenery. Ride a bicycle along the ditch bike path, on which farmers usually go their rounds. Even though unable to cultivate soil in person, you can still follow farmers' footsteps and explore the reason why the rice here is so tasty.


Luye Plateau (Gaotai)

Luye is situated on the alluvial fan of Jianadian,Luliao and Luye creeks in East Rift Valley in Taitung,and the township extends eastward to the crest line of Coastal Range.Renowned as "the largest plain in Taitung," Luye is also famous of producing Fulu Tea. Since 2011, Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta has been annually held from late June to early September.

Zhiben Hot Spring

When you go to the south and reach Jhihben, the Baiyu Waterfall on the Leshan Industrial Road is worth visiting. Though not big, the waterfall looks graceful. Water coming from above and the air filled with vapor makes people refreshing and joyful. Then it is time for a forest bath. Enter the Jhihben Forest Recreation Area, choose your favorite forest trail and heartily enjoy the embrace of the nature. In winter, do not forget to take a hot spring that can heal your physical and mental weariness.

National Museum of Prehistory - map

NMP is the first state archaeological museum in Taiwan. Dedicated to the reservation and study of prehistoric and indigenous culture, it exhibits the relics excavated from Beinan site. NMP consists of two parts, the main building and Beinan Cultural Park. The main building and its 10-hectare museum area presents explicit introduction on the prehistoric development of Taiwan’s nature and culture as well as the Austronesian culture.


Liyu (Carp) Mountain - map

Shaped like a carp, Liyu (carp) Mountain is an isolated 75-meter-high hill on Taitung Plain. Despite the insignificant altitude, it offers a great view overlooking downtown Taitung City. The thick woods make it the largest green space in the City. It is a popular place for morning exercise for locals, who stretch and do moves on well developed trails at the back. At the foot of the hill, the Liyu Mountain Park, Dragon-Phoenix Temple, Dragon-Phoenix Pagoda, and the Martyrs' Shrine are attractions of this 22-hectare scenic area. The 8-story octagonal pagoda is a distinctive landmark of Liyu Mountain.


Dining Out

Lunchboxes are common throughout the city, and a buffet take-out typically ranges  from NT$50 to NT$100 (USD $1-$3). The dishes you can choose from often include a mix of vegetables, fried foods, and meats. The popular 7-Eleven convenience chain stores have tea eggs, hot dogs, packaged beverages and junk food. Pre-packaged, microwaveable meals are also available, including dumplings, spaghetti and curry rice. In addition to restaurants and food stands providing local food at reasonable prices, there are numerous coffee shops, bakeries, and two McDonalds. 

Night markets are a great place to pick up cheap local foods, including stinky tofu, oyster omelets, red bean pancakes and the like. Don’t forget to give your stomach some time to adjust before you plow into all the fried stuff at the stands. Most fruit is safe to eat from the night markets, just be sure to check the cleanliness of the seller and stand before eating. If they cut it and hand it to you in a bag with sticks for eating, then you can go ahead and give it a try.

Cooking by Yourself

You can buy groceries at the following locations: 

(1) Chuan Lien (全聯) and Carrefour (家樂福) 

These stores sell most of your basic necessities: meat, eggs, tofu, drinks, chips, etc. as well as clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies and just about everything else for that matter. Most of the food items are Taiwanese, but they do sell a decent variety of American snack foods and candy. Look around and find what you like. 

(2) Traditional Markets Traditional markets can be found in neighborhood everywhere selling fresh vegetables, meat, rice, beans, noodles, etc. They are great places to buy vegetables and meat, but you need to speak some Mandarin Chinese or even Taiwanese there. Check it out and decide for yourself. There are small fruit markets in Taitung. Most of the fruit they sell is very fresh, especially local seasonal fruit. You can’t miss them; try it! A big afternoon market (4pm on) is on Hanyang Road.

Taitung Host Family

2018-2019 Host Family Meeting

2018-2019 Host Family Meeting