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The Implementation of Project-Based Learning in the United States as Compared with Taiwan


今年度台籍卓越教學獎助計畫教師蔡旻諠 (Sandy Tsai) 近日受訪於美國當地平面媒體 "The Republic":http://www.therepublic.com/…/Fulbright-teachers-from-around…
來自9個國家17位學人參訪當地學校 Columbus Signature Academy- Fodrea 和 New Tech兩個分校,了解在美國教室裡,師生如何互動、如何教學和學習。

傅爾布萊特卓越教學獎助計畫是一個雙向交流計畫,由台灣教育部和美國國務院共同支持。今年由高雄高工的蔡老師獲選赴印第安納大學進修並推廣華語文教學,同時美國選派 Latin School of Chicago 的狄可佳老師 (Jessica Dzieweczynski) 來台進修並了解台灣學生如何學習語言,並由高雄師範大學華語文教學研究所接待。

想和蔡老師一樣,獲得全額獎助金補助,赴美進修並和來自世界各地的教育菁英交流學習嗎? 趕快來申請卓越教學獎助計畫! 截止時間:10月31日。申請細節請上網下載申請說明 (www.fulbright.org.tw) 或來電詢問 (02-23882100-112,Lisa Lin)。

Taiwan grantee of ‪#‎Fulbright‬ Distinguished Award in Teaching Program (DA Program) was reported by "The Republic". 17 DAs from 9 countries visited Columbus Signature Academy — Fodrea and New Tech campuses on Sept. 15 to observe teaching and learning styles in an American classroom.

DA Program is a two-way program, sponsored by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan) and the Department of State (U.S.). This year, we sent Ms. Sandy Tsai from Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Industrial High school to the U.S., hosted by Indiana University- Bloomington, and the U.S. sent Ms. Jessica Dzieweczynski to Taiwan, hosted by Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as Second/ Foreign Language of National Kaohsiung Normal University.

Do you want to join DA Program? Apply it NOW! The deadline is October 31. Please download the application instruction posted here:www.fulbright.org.tw, or contact Ms. Lisa Lin at 02-23882100-112.