Teaching in Taitung

Taitung schools can be cozy, charming, hectic, laid-back, tiny, big, urban, or rural. Each school has its own personality that can suit your personality.  After your arrival, you will go on a school tour to find out which one is best for you.

Participating schools in the Taitung area fall under two categories: Type 1 are stand-alone schools, and Type 2 are paired schools. Check out the school web pages below to learn about the different campuses and their activities. 

Type 1

Stand-alone schools will be your only workplace M-F. You may be partnered with 1 or 2 Local English Teachers (LETs) and visit classrooms for the various grade levels to deliver lessons.  

Elementary Schools

    1. 馬蘭 Ma-Lan 
    2. 豐田 Feng Tian
    3. 知本 Zhi-Ben
    4. 關山 Guan-Shan
    5. 富山 Fu-Shan
    6. 溫泉 Hot Spring
    7. 福原 Fu-Yuan

    Junior High Schools

    1. 關山 Guan-Shan
    2. 初鹿 Chu-Luh
    3. 卑南 Pei-Nan

    Type 2

    Paired schools are located near each other. ETAs partner with one LET, both of whom travel to the schools on alternating days (MWF/T TH). These schools are usually small and rural.

    1. Fu-Gang & Xin-Yuan富岡與新園
    2. Tai-Ping & Feng-Nian太平與豐年
    3. Feng-Li & Feng Yuan 豐里與豐源
    4. Nan-Wang & Guang-Ming 南王與光明
    5. Shan-he & Mei-He 三和與美和
    6. Da-Wang & Jie-Da 大王與介達
    7. Rui-Feng & Luan-Shan瑞豐與鸞山
    8. Fu-Xing & Feng-Rong 復興與豐榮
    9. Dong-Cheng & Da-Nan東成與大南 (for second-year ETA)