Living in Changhua




The grand Great Buddha Statue there tells you the story of how Shakyamuni became a Buddha. The Baguashan Skywalk allows you to overlook the ecological beauty of the canopy. Take a walk along the literature trail, and visit Changhua Arts Museum or the Spring of Youth. You can enjoy everything along the same road – humanity, literature, and ecology. Come and enjoy Changhua the great place.



Lukang Old Street

Putou street, Yaolin street and Dayou street in Lukang town.
Yaolin street and Putou street were business centers in the old Lukang; in the present day, they have been included in the ancient monument protection area. Walking on the red bricks, there is no noisy traffic and the tourists slow down their footsteps to stroll on the red bricks, immerse themselves in the literary and historical studios and seek childhood memories in the traditional shops. The ancient buildings, the old artifacts that repel evil spirits as well as the scrolls at the side reveal the life pace and style in the old days. As the tourism industry prospers in recent years, some house owner began to sell folk artworks, representing the new style of the old streets. While the tourists are reminiscent of the old time, there are more places to stop by. 


Lukang Tianhou Temple

Lukang Tianhou Temple was built in the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty; the temple enshrines Goddess Mazu, which was one of tutelary gods for people in Minnan area in early days. In the 3rd year of Emperor Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty (1725), Shi, Shi-bang contributed the place and relocated the Mazu Temple to current location in today.
The Tianhou Temple was renovated in the 13th year of Emperor Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty (1874) and the 11th year of Emperor Showa (1936) in succession. Today’s temple appearance is the pattern and layout from the renovation in the 11th year of Emperor Showa. The temple was appointed as the third-class historic site in 1985 and a Mazu Folk Art Hall was established in 1992.
Tianhou Temple still preserves the “Shen Zhao Hai Biao” horizontal inscribed board bestowed by Emperor Yongzheng, the “Shen Zhao Hai Biao” horizontal inscribed board bestowed by Emperor Qianlong, the “Yu Tian Tong Gong” horizontal inscribed board bestowed by Emperor Guangxu, and horizontal inscribed boards presented by Fujian Governor Shao-Lan Wang, Lukang officers Lan-Pei Wang and Shou-Ming Sun, and Fujian Land Route Prefect Wen-Mo Xu. All are Lukang Tianhou Temple’s very important cultural assets.


Banbian (“Half-Side”) Well

“Banbian (“Half-Side”) Well” is actually a complete well located within residence of Wang Family in Yaolin Street. In early days, it is not possible that every family can have the finance to dig a well of their own. The master of the household had, therefore, dug well by the side of wall, while half side of it was offered for use of neighbors, and the half-side in one’s courtyard for own use, demonstrating traditional virtue of playing good neighbor.





Wolongpo Trail (A hiking and sightseeing tour)

Located on Yuannan Road, this short trail is also known as the Butterfly Trail for the flock after flock of butterflies swarm in this area in spring and summer. The diversified forests along the trails nurture a rich ecology and provide cooling shade to the trail hikers. It is a trail with adequate length and slow slopes, suitable for family activities. The acacia and mixed woods provide cooling shades and the resting pergolas offer great views to the panoramic view of the Tengshan Bridge Trail and Yuanlin city center.




Tianwei Highway Garden

Here are varies of flowers planted in TianWei flowers garden. In seasons, thousands of people visit the famous garden. When visitors get into the flower area, they will be treated with snack, coffee, herbal tea from gardens. There are some education programs for adults and children such as planting, stone engraving, and combination arts etc.
The planted flowers area occupies 341 acres along with province highway area. There are 4000 million pieces of various flowers see to oversee markets such as Hong Kong and Japan. From October to December, flowers gardeners use electronically lights to press plants to grow up. The lights are bright enough to light the whole garden, so it is like day times. You can enjoy the various flowers along the 4.7 km province highway.