Special Projects

Video Projects

In the past, ETAs have created videos showcasing their Taiwanese students to learn more about their views towards English education and their personal interests.

English Camp

English camps are held across various counties, with groups of ETAs visiting different schools to lead one day of English learning activities. The camp curricula, devised by ETAs, are often centered around a particular theme; past years include a season-themed camp and fairy tale camp. Students learn through play and task-oriented activities.

English Village

An immersive English environment, English Village is a language camp in Yilan that hosts fifth graders from different schools around the county every Friday from 8:00 am to noon. It’s a chance for the students to get away from a standard English classroom style and enjoy a field trip to an exciting new place with foreign teachers, giving them a chance to finally utilize the English that they’ve spent their elementary-school careers accumulating.

English Village attendees come from different parts all around Yilan. Some come from large urban schools with great English programs, others come from small rural schools with a single English teacher. As such, the English level of students will vary from week to week. It’s up to the Yilan ETAs at English Village to gauge the levels of their students and adjust their lessons accordingly.

English Van

In March 2017, the English Van initiative launched. The project focuses on cultivating a passion for learning English among young students across the county, with Li-Ren Elementary School spearheading the initiative. During the school year, two Taichung ETAs and a local English teacher will travel with the van.

For the 2017-2018 school year, the ETAs and local teacher will incorporate the 2018 World Flora Exposition, which will be held in Taichung for the first time, into their lessons.

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Story Books

Every year, Kinmen ETAs work together to produce their own illustrated story books for elementary and middle school students. The stories are tied to local Taiwanese culture with the aim that readers will be able to apply English to their own personal contexts.