Teaching Methods


Most ETAs are placed in teaching environments that involve working closely with a certified and experienced local English teacher (LET). This style of instruction, known as co-teaching, allows for greater flexibility compared to classrooms managed by only one teacher.

Effective co-teaching requires communication and understanding between both ETAs and LETs. The video to the left, created by former Fulbright ETAs and local LETs, demonstrates and explores different co-teaching models. 

Each model of co-teaching requires different roles and responsibilities. This may involve both ETA and LET being equals in the classroom; it may involve the two adopting distinct but complementary roles; or it may involve the LET and ETA taking turns assisting one another. The co-teaching model used may depend on the teachers' personalities, comfort zone, and the culture at the school, and the model may shift throughout the school year.

Teaching Techniques

With support from their LETs, ETAs use various techniques to engage their students in the classroom, as demonstrated in the following videos. 

Lesson Planning

With guidance from American and Taiwanese TEFL advisors, ETAs prepare comprehensive lesson plans for their classes. An example of a lesson plan for third-grade students is below.

Professional Development

Fulbright's certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) advisors and local English professors regularly conduct site visits and provide teaching workshops to support ETAs across Taiwan. ETAs are expected to submit biweekly teaching reports, which the advisors review and provide feedback on. 

Teaching Resources

In addition to providing on-site training through workshops and student teaching observations, Fulbright TEFL advisors provide online support for ETAs and LETs. This includes a collaborative resource sharing and professional development website with lesson plans designed according to topic, grade, and textbook; US Department of State instructional videos on how to teach in a foreign language context; and engaging activities for English camps, English Village and story time.

For more teaching resourses: Canvas