Voices from the ETA World

The case book is a collection of authentic narratives generated from former ETAs, local English teachers and supervising professors in Taiwan. All of the ETAs co-taught with a local English teacher (LET) in the K-6 public schools. Many of them taught at more than one school. The cases reflect the realities of classrooms and local school communities in Taiwan, an English as a foreign language (EFL) setting, and may be useful to ETAs teaching in other countries and contexts.



The case book includes six major themes:

  1. Adjusting to the culture of the host country

  2. Co-teaching in the classroom

  3. Creating classroom communities (working with students)

  4. Ethical dilemmas

  5. Challenges of diversity

  6. Managing life and work relations with other ETAs and professionals

The themes are not arranged in any particular order. Readers can start with any theme and select cases that interest them. Under each theme, case stories are followed by study questions for each case. Strategies are suggested at the end of each case. The strategies are meant to serve as references and recommendations and are by no means comprehensive. Readers are encouraged to reflect upon and envision their own strategies.

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