Yilan County Eats

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Name: Bubble Pop 8 伯簡餐
Address: 培英路111巷7號Luodong Township, Yilan, Taiwan
Review: This is an adorable café and restaurant just south of GuanTianXia apartments. If you intend to come here on a Saturday or Sunday brunch date, be sure to make reservations or risk not having a place to sit. This restaurant serves both Taiwanese style hot pot and American style cuisine, including fries and steak. The portions are a bit modest for the prices, ranging 250-350 NT for a set meal. If you’re here for coffee and dessert, the location offers specialized and incredibly detailed coffee art for every single hot or frothy beverage. They also offer cute syrup art for those more inclined towards waffles. Plan ahead for your special occasions at this colorful, fun establishment.


Name: Coconut Grove Thai Restaurant 椰林南洋料理
Address: 265宜蘭縣羅東鎮光華街77號
Review: One of the premier Thai restaurants in Luodong Township, Coconut Grove boasts a variety of Thai food, ranging from fresh seafood dishes to green papaya salad, fried morning glories and even green curry clay pot chicken. This restaurant uses a ton of seafood meat and stock in its dishes, so it’s not recommended for strict vegetarians. As the price can get a bit hefty at an average of 250-350NT per person, it’s important to order family style to experience more variety on a budget. This restaurant does take reservations, so make sure to reserve a spot on weekends or holidays for a spot.


Name: Italian Bacon Pasta Kitchen
Address: 培根義大利厨房 265, Taiwan 宜蘭縣羅東鎮和平路46號
Review: Although Taiwan has yet to master the art of Italian food, this restaurant boasts “Italian Noodles” that are less soupy than most. The dishes with baked cheese on top are especially highly recommended. Good for those times when you’re missing home and are willing to settle for a passable imitation.


Name: Spiceland Indian Restaurant 香料國境
Address: 羅東鎮四育路83號Yilan City
Review: The owner of Spiceland, known fondly as Ady, makes a mean curry for all those missing authentic Indian food. Whether lamb, beef, chicken, or vegetarian dishes, Spiceland seasons dishes well with a traditional side dish and your choice of freshly made naan or rice. If you happen to start up a conversation with the owner, he might offer you homemade kumquat jam with just baked scones as a dessert. If you’re feeling a bit parched, feel free to try a lassi or masala chai. Prices range from approximately 100-250NT, depending on if you order a meal set or a seasoned naan. Be warned, they are open only during lunch hours. Best plan ahead for small crowds during peak hours.


Name: Thai Restaurant 泰式科理
Address: No. 73, Xingdong S Rd, Luodong Township Yilan County, Taiwan 265
Review: Great Thai food at reasonable prices (around 200 a meal). The Thai-style eggplant, pineapple fried rice, and spicy fried chicken appetizer come highly recommended. It can be tricky to tell which items are vegetarian (most vegetables are cooked in oyster or fish sauce) so be sure to ask before ordering. Also, they have an adorable golden retriever named 芒果 (Mango). If you go there on your own and look foreign and lonely enough, they’ll bring you free food. Open for lunch and dinner every day except Wednesday.


Name: Zhiyuanchuan XiangCai Szechuan Restaurant芷園川湘菜
Address: 公正路519號, 羅東鎮, 宜蘭縣 265 (No. 519號, Gongzheng Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County)
Review: A local favorite, this restaurant is usually packed with dinner parties every single day of the week. If you’re lucky enough to walk in during weekend lunch hours or week day nights, you will probably be seated at an expansive table (so definitely come with friends). The menu is all in traditional Chinese, so be sure to exercise your language skills or bring a trusted friend. We usually order “YuXiangQieZi” or marinated eggplants, mapo tofu, kongqingcai, and a basil frog soup. They offer great seafood dishes, though be warned, the steamed fish comes with the steamed roe as well. Their fried mantou is also really delicious, though not the best for those looking to lose weight. Everything tastes like it’s been marinated or stewed for just the right amount of time. I highly recommend this place if you want to impress your local or visiting friends with delicious food that is served at lightning speeds. Price depends on the amount of dishes you order or if you split, but it amounts to ~250-350 NT per person for a modest meal.


Name: 三桌
Address: No. 24, Zhonghua Rd, Luodong Township Yilan County, Taiwan
Review: A small restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere and delicious food; the French fries and hamburgers are absolutely amazing. Be sure to bring friends or an extremely large appetite. Warning: this place isn’t very friendly to vegetarians aside from the appetizers.


Name: Loving Hut
Address: 265, Yilan County, Luodong Township, Cangqian Rd, 93號
Review: Vegetarian family style restaurant known for their hot plate dishes


Name: 悅德素食館(羅東店)
Address: 265, Yilan County, Luodong Township, Zhonghua Rd, 52號
Review: A vegetarian buffet style restaurant with yummy egg rolls in addition to wide variety of veggie dishes.


Drinks, Desserts, and Snacks

Name: Amy's Café 愛蜜絲
Address: 宜蘭縣羅東鎮中山西街204號
Review: A specialty pastry café and western style restaurant, Amy’s might remind you of similar cafes in the United States. With panini melts and seasonal soups to beef up itsbrunch and dinner menu next to the café’s delicious desserts, you may never want to leave. The brownies with a side of vanilla ice cream and caramel are a must try with a hot cappuccino. Amy’s also offers delicious, cakey cookies, apple pie, and other seasonal pastries for a modest price. The café also boasts a calm atmosphere with modern, artsy décor. All the comforts of great seating, music choices and free wifi coupled with rich food adds a sense of solace for the busy. Prices range from a 100NT drink to ~300NT meal sets. Pastries are quite small given the prices, but are still affordable.


Name: Waffles 迪迪美式鬆餅屋
Address:  No. 2, Zhongzheng North Road, Luodong Township Yilan County, Taiwan 265
Review: World’s best waffles. Seriously, they have 70+ types of waffles, everything from a chocolate waffle that delights in its simple perfection to a bacon cheese corn monstrosity that’ll feed a family for a week. Definitely a must-go location for anyone in Taiwan or the eastern hemisphere.

Yilan City

Name: Dumpling Place near Fo Guang 眷村味小吃
Address: 1/F, No.150 Jiucheng North Road (舊城北路150號1樓, 宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260)
Review: This restaurant has better dumplings than the chain restaurant on Zhongshan. The restaurant took awhile to find because it’s a bit hidden at the end of the road, but it’s delicious and definitely one of the go-to places. They have freshly made cabbage and chive dumplings (must order), as well as a nice variety of soups, lu rou fan, and lu rou mian. I’d skip the xiao chi because they usually aren’t that great, but everything else is delicious and cheap!


Name: 生活愛地球
Address: Section 1, Fuxing Rd.
Review: A vegetarian restaurant. This place has good noodle dishes like 餛飩湯麵(wonton noodle soup),冬粉 湯(rice noodle soup), and  紅燒麵 ((vegetarian) beef noodle soup). Other dishes include 炸香菇(fried mushrooms), 臭豆腐(stinky tofu), and 咖喱飯 (curry rice). Also, ask about “go za” which is deep fried soup and an Yilan speciality. Sounds weird but it’s yummy.


Name: Golden Ratio
Address: No.111, Section 5, Zhongshan Road (中山路5段111號 宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260)
Review: This cafe/restaurant is located very close to Dapo apartment (near Xin Sheng Elementary School). At first I was under the impression this place only had coffee, tea and waffles (which are all excellent by the way, especially the waffles which you can get with fruit!), but after further investigation I realized they have proper food as well! The kimchi noodles are really good but spicy, and they have some tasty baked pasta dishes too. If you want to order a meal and a drink they’ll recommend you order the set, which comes with bread, salad, soup, main meal, drink, and dessert (which is a lot of food but super cheap).


Name: 叁零叁伍冰果室(3035冰果室)
Address: 260, 宜蘭縣宜蘭市中山路三段149號
Review: This place is a cute, little cafe-style restaurant with both tatami mat seating (you’re sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor) and table and chair seating. They offer various coffee, tea, and smoothie drinks, meat curry bowl, vegetable curry bowl, tofu salad, and different types of “toast”. They also offer local, Taiwanese craft beers and a homemade cucumber sorbet that is way more delicious than it sounds.

Name: Mr. Balagov
Address: 復興路二段168之1號 宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260
Review: Great place when you are craving some Western food. This restaurant has some legit garlic bread, stew, and meatballs with mashed potatoes. They also have a huge meat skewer which is fun to order on special occasions. The drink selection is quite good as well, and I can personally attest to the deliciousness of the blini/crepes.


Name: Restaurant floor in Luna Plaza
Address: 260, Yilan County, Yilan City, 民權路二段38巷6號
Review: The top floor of Luna has a nice selection of restaurants that have legit food for a decent price (some are more expensive than others). The Thai restaurant is a consistent go-to place for the group, and the hot pot place is excellent (meat quality is really good). I’d also definitely recommend the tonkatsu (Japanese style fried pork cutlet) restaurant which is super tasty!


Name: Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 1491創意料理-越南牛排
Review: This place is great if you’re looking for a good slab of meat. They have steak, pork, and chicken all served on steaming hot plates with noodles, vegetables, and an egg. Each meal comes with two sauce options. There is also an abundance of bread that you can toast in the toaster oven. Really delicious.


Name: Teacher Center Niu Rou Mian 御村牛肉麵
Address: No.1-22 Hemu Road (和睦路1-22號宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260)
Review: A staple for the ETAs. This restaurant is super close to the Teacher Center and they have some really good beef noodles! The broth is tasty and they give you a good amount of meat and noodles for the price. They also give you a bit of vegetable on top of the noodles which is nice (most places will skip that). The xiao chi are pretty good, especially the cucumbers, and the service is always quick and cordial.


Name: 茉尼好食光 (Breakfast & Brunch Place)
Address: 農權路三段77號 宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260
Review: Super cute and delicious brunch place. They have some set platters of Western-ish breakfasts. Each comes with a drink and is a great place to spend a late Sunday Morning.


Name: Hao Sushi (Hao壽司)
Address: 宜蘭市西後街56號 宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260
Review: Best sushi in town.


Drinks, Desserts, and Snacks

Name: Black Milk 黑牛奶飲品店
Address: 神農路一段126號 宜蘭市, 宜蘭縣 260
Review: It’s worth going to because the fresh milk drinks are delicious and they sell lemon aloe drink the entire year (most stores like Coco will stop selling this during the winter). The staff is always super friendly, and they have a stamp card so you can get a free drink after you buy 10!


Name: Coffee Shops Near Teacher’s Center
Review: There are two nice coffee shops (for mingling, doing work, meetings, etc.) near the Teacher Center. The first is called “The Wall” (No. 38 Kangle Road) and it’s a Japanese style cafe that occasionally does concerts/shows as well. The other is directly across the street from The Wall - though smaller, it is also quieter and cheaper. (小葉)


Name: Snowflake Shaved Ice
Address: 小水牛優質雪花冰專賣店 260宜蘭市民族路385號
Review: The best snow ice in all of Yilan. During mango season, their manguo bing is AMAZING. But all the other flavors are also really good.

Yilan County

Name: Happy Kiln
Address: 沙成路38號, 頭城鎮, 宜蘭縣 261
Review: Really cute and fun pizza place with a turtle shaped oven outside. The pizza is pretty good, and there’s a DIY option! We made a Patrick Star shaped pizza and a Hello Kitty pizza. The people working there were very nice and the food was great.


Name: Jim and Dad’s Brew Company
Address: No. 411, Section 2, Yuanshan Rd, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, 264
Review: A great place to wind down after a morning at English Village, or anytime of the week to hang out, read, or finish those lesson plan worksheets you’ve been putting off. Take advantage of the outdoor patio seating while the weather's still nice! The beers are delicious and the staff speak English and are very friendly, but bring your own food or eat before you come since there are no restaurants around there and they only offer typical bar snacks like salted peanuts and the like. You will definitely need to scooter here or take a taxi.


Name: La Tavola
Address: 宜蘭市縣政六街32巷66號
Review: Legitimate Italian food. Not even super Americanized-Italian but Italian food. Everything is delicious. Their pizza and pastas are fantastic and the salads are amazing. It’s a bit of a drive and on the pricier side, but incredibly delicious and totally worth it.


Name: 夢想成真養生蔬果餐&櫻之宿
Address: 266, Yilan County, Sanxing Township, Section 1, Shangjiang Rd
Review: A vegetarian, family-style hot pot place where each person can choose his or her own vegetables (which are house-grown) and other goodies to put in the pot which can hold two separate flavors. It is a flat fee for all you can eat and includes a drink, fruit and ice cream! Although it is on the more expensive side, it’s a great place for large group gatherings and offers beautiful views of the countryside in Sanxing. Reservations are a must.