Fulbright Taiwan ETA Program



It's all about the kids.

Teaching English and American culture to elementary and middle school children throughout Taiwan is the hallmark of Fulbright Taiwan. Explore this section to learn about how our Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) engage with their students and local communities.


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  • Lesson Planning
  • English Camps
  • Professional Development
  • Teaching Resources
  • ETA-created Story Books



Service. Community. Engagement.

Each location provides a culturally lush exchange experience and opportunities for community service.

We've got your back.

With 15 dedicated Staff Members, 3 TEFL certified advisors, your own local coordinator, and several professors and peers, we make sure that your professional and interpersonal needs are taken care of.

If that's not enough, Taiwan leads in safety.

Where will you go?


 The Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) program is a collaborative effort between the Unites States and host countries around the world. Bringing together newly graduated American university students with local English teachers, the program offers English language teaching and cross-culture learning to the host country. In Taiwan, the program first started in 2003 in Yilan county, and has since expanded to other areas including: Kaohsiung, Kinmen, Taipei, Taichung and Taitung. In order to know the impact of the program, much research has been conducted by visiting professors, scholars, and our research team over the past several years. The following is a chronological list of research on the Fulbright Taiwan ETA program. Please click the title to access full content.

1. English Co-teaching in Elementary Schools-Fulbright ETA program in Kaohsiung by Feng-Chih (Fred) Huang, advised by Dr. Hsiu-Chun (Spring) Lin, 2011

2. A Preliminary Research Note on International Teaching Partnerships by Dr. Carolyn Ho, 2013.

3. Voices from the ETA World by Yilin, Sun, 2011-2012, Edited by Sarah Demola, 2013-15

4. The Impact of English Teaching Assistants on English Learning in Taiwan by 嚴欣柔, advised by Dr. Mei-Chen Wu, 2016