Spelling Bee

2015-2016 Kaohsiung ETA Grace Pyo hosted an English spelling bee at both of her schools (十全國小&七賢國小). It is a classic American tradition and an exciting way to get students to practice their spelling and vocabulary words. Grace adapted the traditional format of the spelling bee so that more students could participate in a short amount of time. At both schools, they did a written test first (100+ students participated at十全 and 130 students participated at 七賢) and all of the participants got special "bee" cookies.  The top 16-18 students advanced to the final round. It was fun because Grace got to interact with 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders that she typically doesn't see, and their classmates enjoyed coming to the final spelling bee to support their friends. One class even made 加油 signs for their classmate in the final spelling bee!