Video Spotlight: "Next Stop, Taitung"

ETAs in Taiwan often contribute to their communities far beyond their great work in the classroom. 2016-2017 ETAs Nicholas Gareca and Elizabeth King volunteered with the Taitung County Government to create a video introducing tourists to Taitung’s delicious restaurant scene. Recognizing that some tourists to Taitung might be deterred from perusing local businesses because of language barriers, the Taitung County Government made an effort to boost English-language resources in Taitung County, especially in Taitung City’s downtown. After living in Taitung City for nearly a year, Nico and Elizabeth were ready to assist the local government by sharing their East Coast home with the world—and what better way than by imitating the great travel shows of U.S. television? With local know-how and a touch of Guy Fieri style, they introduce Taitung’s small town charm and grit, as well as a few can’t-miss dishes.