Hualien is Taiwan's biggest county, with an area of about 4,628 square kilometers. The county borders the Pacific Ocean to the east and is hemmed in by the Central Mountain Range to the west. 

With all of its natural beauty, most of Hualien is a national scenic area. Visitors to the county can enjoy the impressive gorges at Taroko National Park, the magnificence of Yushan National Park, the stunning natural landscapes of the East Coast National Scenic Area, and the rustic charm of the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area.


326,986 (2019)


Hualien City has a tropical rainforest climate with significant rainfall throughout the year. Temperatures are highest in July, with an average of 28°C, and coldest in January, with an average of 18°C.

Number of ETAs

10 (2018-2019)

Number of Schools with ETAs

10 (2018-2019)



Name: Gill Jiang


Hi! My name is Gill Jiang, the Hualien ETA Program Coordinator. I graduated from the Master of Public Administration program at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany. I have been working at Fulbright since 2017.

Advice for Incoming ETAs

Hualien County is home to several world-class scenic attractions. Take advantage of living in Hualien to explore the beauty of it, and get involved with the locals to learn about our culture.