Kinmen is a group of islands located just off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Because of its distance from mainland Taiwan, Kinmen offers a unique cultural experience, with locals identifying strongly as Kinmenese. 


137,255 (2017.12)


Kinmen is a subtropical climate. The summers are long and hot and the winters are chilly and foggy, but it is still a beautiful island with beaches, forests, and mountains to explore. It is important to be prepared for rainy season because it can get very humid. 

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Teaching in Kinmen is particularly special because many ETAs will spend half of their classes teaching with the assistance of a homeroom teacher instead of a local English teacher. This means that they have the freedom to choose their course content. Class sizes also tend to be smaller with only 10 - 15 students, although larger schools do exist as well. Kinmen’s small size uniquely allows for a Fulbrighter to be placed at almost every elementary and middle school, creating a strong culture of English learning.

Living in Kinmen is unlike any other location. Because of the small population you can expect to be fully integrated into the community in Kinmen. Expect frequent teacher dinners and to see students all over. Being such a small island, there is always a beach in sight. At the same time, it still has all necessary modern amenities including two movie theaters, a luxury mall, Starbucks, and multiple import stores, and Xiamen, China is only a 30 min boat ride away.





Name: Carrie Chen


Hello! My name is Carrie Chen. I graduated from National Quemoy University. I have worked with Fulbright since 2015.

Advice for Incoming ETAs

Welcome to this beautiful island, Kinmen! We have beautiful beaches around the whole island. The secret of military history would take you to the past. The peaceful pace on this island and smiles on the Kinmenese faces are all the pretty scenery here.  




Name: Vergil Lyu


Greetings all! My name is Vergil Lyu. I graduated from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology with a M.A. in Modern Languages.I have worked with Fulbright since 2018.

Advice for Incoming ETAs

Kinmen is a beautiful island with warm hospitality. It is also a good place with beautiful beaches and spectacular historic relics. Warm sunshine, slight breeze, and the smiles. This is Kinmen, a nice place to stay.



A Scoot around Kinmen County, Taiwan