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Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum

The museum was the district office first being built during Japanese colonial period. It serves as a place for to preserve Taiwanese puppetry art and for people to learn about the history of Taiwanese puppetry.


Beigang Chao-Tian Temple

It is one of the famous temples dedicated to Mazu, the guardian of the sea. Chao-Tian temple is not only famous for its gorgeous architectural design, but also known for the celebration of Mazu’s birthday every year.


Huwei Sugar Refinery

Huwei sugar refinery was the biggest sugar refinery in Taiwan, and it is still in operation. Huwei steel bridge is situated next to the sugar refinery served as sugar railways in the old days.


The Yunzhong Street Cultural and Creative Zone

During the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945), many houses along Yunzhong Street in Douliu City were police dormitories. They were built in 1937, and in 2005, they were listed as historic sites and renovated by the government in order to create a new cultural and creative zone. The antique wooden houses and shops of the Yunzhong Street Cultural and Creative Zone are worthy destinations for visiting seeking a leisurely stroll in a historic atmosphere. Many interesting stores, such as coffee shops, bakeries, dried flower shops, and record stores, are waiting for you to dig through their treasures. The Yunzhong Street Cultural and Creative Zone is a great choice for hanging out with friends and family.


 Boziliao Fishing Port

Located at the intersection between Sihu Township and Kouhu Township of Yunlin County, Boziliao Fishing Port is one of the important fishing ports in Yunlin County. On the road along the Fishing Port is built with a bicycle lane. Visitors can ride bicycles along the embankment to appreciate the blue sky, purely white windmills and the azure blue sea surface, enjoy the light sea breeze blowing on the face, and receive enthusiastic welcome from the Fishing Port. The Dark Forest Bicycle Lane is even one of the 100 attractions of Yunlin County.


When the sun sets, the scene is different. The crimson sky and sea apply more beauty to the scene, making people watching the scene attentively. They linger here until the sun sinks to the sea. They are deeply impressed by the beautiful scene. There is a 3D painted village nearby. The theme of the paintings is a series of the Chinese fairy tales, such as Pan Gu Separates the Sky from the Earth, Chang Eh's Ascent to the Moon, Red Boy Fights with Emperor Dragon of the Eastern Sea … etc. A tour map of the colorful paintings and ecological environment is also provided for visitors to understand the characteristics of this area.


Nanzai Community Railroad Culture 3D Paintings

In the early years Nanzai Community was a transfer station for transportation of sugar canes and travelers. It was a community mainly developing sugar industry and agricultural industry. In 2013 through the paintings painted by the two brothers of artists, Yao-Xing Liao and Hui-Cun Liao, the village scenery and railroad culture of Nanzai Community were painted as 3D paintings, which made the entire community full of vitality, enriched and colorful.


The places with their paintings are “Nanzai Community Activity Center,” “Farmers’ Association Warehouse Railroad Culture Paintings” and “3D Painting Small Street.” The painting art is distinctive for having combined with the featured local scenic spots. From the paintings, visitors can see the village life in the old days, as if going back to those days to view the pure and natural scenery of Nanzai Community, and watching the farmers plow the paddy fields with oxen. Visitors can also see farmers help each other harvest the crops during harvest seasons, revealing that the paintings are both realistic and vivid. Besides, there are 3D animal paintings, cartoon and animated images that everybody is familiar with, so as for visitors to take photographs with.


Chenglin Shenxiangdao Forest Museum

Chenglin Shenxiangdao Forest Museum is selling products that made by agarwood, like essential oil, soaps and sculptures. Moreover, their set up beautiful heart-shaped pool outdoor for visitor to walk around. There will be different feeling during the day and night.


Yung Tsui Court

The "Yung Tsui Court" was built in 1939 during the Japanese occupation period. It is now designated as a monument. Indoor planning was "a place of aesthetic display and education", and there were inexhaustible stories in every place. Let’s follow the eucalyptus incense, walk gently in the Japanese-style wooden building and travel through time and space with art works.



Every November, Yunlin County is cast into the national spotlight with its Gukeng Coffee Festival, which showcases Gukeng Township’s coffee industry, farming history and unique coffee culture.


Linnei Township

Deciduous cypress is kind of Taxodiaceae and it’s quite famous in Taiwan due to the changes of its color. As the winter comes, the cypress will turn into red and orange. It seemed that the land was put on a flame cloak. If there is a cypress forest in front you, you might doubt that you fall into a mysterious paradise.


Shibi Area

"Shibi, located approximately 20 minutes away by car from the Caoling Image Business Circle, has become a popular hiking spot in recent years. It is the relay station between Xito and Caoling. When you ascend to the top of Shibi Mountain, you can see miles of endless mountain range. And if you're lucky, you might see the dreamy sea cloud view. You may start off at the farthest end and follow the Bamboo Forest Trail into a camphor forest. Then stop by to see a Subcostate Crape Myrtle tree that escaped a firey death. You can also visit Shibi Valley to learn how a creek can mold a valley."


Taixi Sea Park Sightseeing Area

In Taixi Township's "Taixi Sea Park Sightseeing Area", there is a giant conch with a height of 10 meters and a width of 25 meters. The surface is made up of colored tiles, then set with real shells and ceramics. The floor is covered with medical stone. No beam or column is used. The shape is very special.


Taiwan High Speed Rail

  • Northbound

    Take Taiwan High Speed Rail and get off at HSR Chiayi Station. Then take Taiwan Railway to Dounan, Douliou or Linnei Train Station. Or take a shuttle bus at HSR Chiayi Station to get to Beigang.

  • Southbound

    Take Taiwan High Speed Rail and get off at HSR Taichung Station. Then take Taiwan Railway to Linnie, Douliou or Dounan Train Station.

  • Shuttle bus

  • To other cities

    If by Taiwan High Speed Rail, the train from Taipei to Yunlin takes 1.5 hours, and TWD 900 for a non-reserved seat and TWD 930 for a standard seat. If from Changhua costs TWD 105-110 with the journey time of 10 minutes. If from Taichung costs TWD 190-220 with the journey time of 22 minutes. If from Tainan costs TWD390-420 with the journey time of 30 minutes.If from Kaohsiung costs TWD 530-560 with the journey time of 44 minutes.

Taiwan Railways


You can use the following website to search for buses, including bus routes, buses and bus stops.

  • In Yunlin

    Take Taiwan Railway to Linnei, Douliou or Dounan Train Station.Taiwan Rail Line has five stops in Yunlin, but people usually get off at Touliu or Townan.

  • To other cities

    The train from Taipei to Touliu takes you 3-4 hours and TWD 407-527, from Taichung costs TWD 118-153 with the duration of 1 hour, from Changhua takes 40 minutes with the ticket price of TWD 87-113, from Chiayi costs TWD 55-71 with the travel time of 30 minutes, and from Kaohsiung takes 1.5-2.5 hours and TWD 244-316.