Kenting Remote Service


Beach cleaning

1. Why is it important to clean the beach?

Beach-clean-ups is considered to be very important because throwing trash into beaches, and the oceans can be better known as pollution. When trash gets into the oceans, animals can easily mistaken that trash for a certain food source. By taking part in these annual beach clean-ups, you are leaving a great example to others on how to reduce marine debris in the seas and allowing wildlife to remain safe from pollution.

2. Materials:

      a.      tongs

b.      gloves

c.       trash bags


3.  How to clean a beach?

a.      Pick up

-          plastic trash: straws, bottle caps & plastic bags

-          cigarette buds

b.      Leave the woods, rocks and shells

c.       With a heart of gratitude




“loved having the chance to get to know other Fulbrighters, tour Kenting, explore the town, and, most importantly, do some service!”

“I really enjoyed the service trip and definitely learned a lot. I am going to be looking to participate in more clean-up type of activities. ”

“Cleaning was really fruitful for me. It was nice to see ETAs in other capacities outside of workshops, and have more opportunities to get to know their personalities and how much we all cared about making changes for the future”

“Litter on the beach really damages marine life which makes me sad. I would like to advocate, how important keeping the beach clean is, to friends and family whenever given the opportunity to.”