Hualien Remote Service

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Eight Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) gathered in Zhuoxi, Hualien, to conduct an English camp for the students of Lun Shan Elementary School. The goal of the campSpy school!



Placed in counties all across Taiwan, the ETAs formed a one-time A-team to teach English through special “spy school” activities, which included a laser maze obstacle course, art theft identification, a crime scene investigation, and training to become masters of disguise.



The students of Lun Shan elementary were all awarded with their spy school completion certificates, so look out—Hualien now has 42 highly trained spy kids on the loose!


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Behind the screen → ETAs worked very hard to design the camp.



(The ETAs were assisted by their spy bosses, the incredible staff of Fulbright Taiwan, who made the event possible!)