Explore this page to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Fulbright Taiwan's English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) through the following categories: 

  1. Co-teaching
  2. Teaching Examples
  3. Taiwan's Students
  4. Lesson Planning
  5. English Camps
  6. Professional Development
  7. Teaching Resources
  8. ETA-created Story Books


Most ETAs will be placed in teaching environments that involve co-teaching with a certified and experienced local teacher of English as a foreign language. The following video created by Fulbright ETAs and local LETs introduces different co-teaching models.



View the videos below to learn about some of the teaching methods Fulbright Taiwan ETAs use to engage their students in the classroom. 



Watch the videos below to learn a little bit about Taiwanese students, their views toward English education, and their outside interests.


Below is an example of a typical unit plan for a 3rd grade class.

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Our enthusiastic and dedicated ETAs motivate students through engaging activities in an authentic English language context.  Students learn through play and task oriented activities. Recent themes include: Four Seasons and Fairy Tales.

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ETAs and LETs also work with trained TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) advisors and local English professors who regularly conduct site visits, provide teaching workshops and trainings, and respond to bi-weekly teaching reports written by ETAs. 



In addition to providing on-site training through workshops and student teaching observations, our knowledgeable TEFL teacher training specialists provide online support for ETAs and their local counterparts. Our trainers launched a collaborative resource sharing and professional development website with lesson plans designed according to topic, grade, and textbook; US Department of State instructional videos on how to teach in a foreign language context, as well as engaging activities for English camps, English Village and Story time. 

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Our talented ETAs collaborated to create these beautifully illustrated story books. The stories are tied to local culture with the aim that readers will make personal connections and apply English to their real world context.

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