Located in northeastern Taiwan, Yilan is an hour away from Taipei and framed by mountains on one side and beaches on the other. The county is lush with waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and botanical gardens, making it one of the most scenic parts of Taiwan. It is also rich in culture, with a strong history of aboriginal tribes that include the Atayal and Kavalan people. With its nearby hot springs and black sand beaches, Yilan is an idyllic getaway that boasts of Taiwan's natural beauty. 


458,777 (2014)


Yilan is a tropical climate with temperatures averaging around 24°C. Rainfall is frequent, averaging roughly 418 mm per month.

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Yilan was the first location to have an ETA program. Its legacy ensures that you will be working with experienced LETs and coordinators. The class sizes vary based on school; some class sizes have around 10 students while others will be upwards of 25.

If you are living in Yilan, expect to get wet. The ocean air and beaches are a short scooter ride away and these waters are famous for their perfect surfing waves. Some ETAs will also be located in Luodong, a 20 minutes drive south of Yilan city.



Name: Henry Yang


Hello everyone! My name is Henry. I am from Yilan and the ETA program assistant coordinator in Yilan. I graduated from Chihlle University in New Taipei City.

Words for Incoming ETAs

Welcome to Yilan! We have the most beautiful enviorment and friendly people everywhere. I believe you will love this place when you are here.



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