Sun Moon Lake Remote Service @ Toushe Elementary School

On Saturday, November 17th, six ETAs, along with Fulbright TEFL advisor, Dominique, and Ariel, headed to Toushe Elementary School to host Space Camp. Tucked away in the mountains on the southern side of Sun Moon Lake, the campus, though small, was colorful and had a magnificent view of the valley down below. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by the school staff and the students. At first, the students were fairly quiet; they didn't know what to make of the many English teachers leading them in space-themed chants. But as the hours passed and bonds were made, English could be heard up and down the hallway. 


And the students' energy, curiosity, and creativity were out of this world! Whether creating constellations using a paper cup, a pushpin and a flashlight or decrypting a SOS alien message, ETAs and students alike were using English as a tool to communicate, learn from each other, and -- most importantly -- have fun. Soon all the aliens & rockets were drawn and the Oreos & marshmallows eaten, and it was suddenly time to gather together for the last time, share the day's work, and say good-bye. Even though it had only been four short hours, it felt like we had gone a great space adventure together! 


Many thanks to the Toushe Elementary School students and school staff who participated in our English activities. And thanks to the wonderful ETAs and TEFL advisors who collaborated on this Space Camp activity. 謝謝頭社國小!謝謝老師!

Author: Isabelle, 2018-2019