Taichung City is Taiwan's central city. It is an industrial city facing the Taiwan Straight. A perfect spot for a mixture of rural and urban exposure.




Taichung has a humid subtropical climate with temperature averaging 23C  (75F) and 77% humidity. Taichung's low temperatures on average drop below 17C (60F) so remember to bring a jacket.

Number of ETAs

10 - 12

Number of Schools with ETAs



Taichung is one of the largest cities in Taiwan and most of the schools the ETAs teach at are located in the city while some are just outside on the outskirts. The class sizes tend to be around 30 kids but you will be sure to have lots of help from your school. They are used to the volume! ETAs can live as much as 30 minutes away from each other but you will always have a roommate.

Taichung is a happy combination of rural and urban. Whether it is the busy city street markets or the calm serenity of the outlying mountains, you will easily find an environment that suits you. It can get pretty cold here but nothing beats a sunny day at Sun Moon Lake, which is less than two hours outside the city.


Name: Athena 


Hi ETAs~ my name is Athena and I'm the Taichung ETA program coordinator. I was born in Taichung and I graduated from Applied English Department of NCUT and joined Fulbright since 2015.

Welcome to Taichung! Taichung has good food, awesome night markets, great weather and spectacular scenery. It is also the place where bubble milk tea was first invented! I hope you will appreciate what the city has to offer and enjoy the year ahead of you~




"I hope you will appreciate what the city has to offer and enjoy the year ahead of you~"