Taichung City is located on the western side of central Taiwan, and as of July 2017, ranks as the island's second most populous city. Taichung became a major economic and cultural hub during Japanese rule, and is home to a number of well-known cultural sites, including the National Museum of Natural Science, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and many temples.


2.8 million (2017)


Taichung has a humid subtropical climate with temperatures averaging 23°C. Due to protection provided by the Central Mountain Range to the east and the Miaoli hills to the north, Taichung is rarely severely affected by typhoons.

Number of ETAs


Number of Schools with ETAs



Most of the schools Taichung ETAs teach at are located in the city while some are just on the outskirts. Class sizes tend to be around 30 kids but schools are more than willing to help their ETAs manage such classrooms. ETAs can live as much as 30 minutes away from each other but are always paired with at least one roommate.

Ranked as the most livable city in Taiwan in 2013, Taichung offers both bustling night markets and peaceful hiking trails. Compared to Taiwan's other cities, its temperatures more moderate and less humid. Famous sites such as Sun Moon Lake, Guguan hot springs, and the Gaomei wetlands are just an hour or two from the city. 



Name: Yuwen Chen


My name is Yuwen, I am a Taichungese, studied education at National Chengchi University in Taipei. 

The ideal education to me is, it should be able to break the limitation,  encourage children (every person) to be more curious, help them to get abilities and motivation to explore the world or beyond, and let the relationship between creatures and nature to be peaceful and loving. I am glad to be a member of the ETA program to contribute.

About my hometown, Taichung

There is a variety of sceneries in Taichung. It not only has crowd night markets, shopping areas, and stylish museums, but the country roads surrounded by rice fields, a beach, and even mountains above 3,800 meters! By the way, foodies will be happy to visit here!

Welcome to have your own Taichung experience!