Taipei is Taiwan's capital city. It is the international hub of Taiwan. Living in Taipei will afford you the mixture of authentic Taiwan as it is realized in a global scope.




Taipei has a humid subtropical climate with temperature averaging 23C. Taipei is subject to the Pacific Typhoon season which occurs between June and October. Taipei has long humid summers and short foggy winters.

Number of ETAs

3 - 8

Number of Schools with ETAs



Although Taipei is the capital city and an example of Taiwan's thriving economy and international presence, there is still a vast diversity in the socio-economic representation of its education population. Taipei ETAs are special because they will be placed in middle schools with extra need and in order to provide a quality teacher, Fulbright tends to select only second-year ETAs for this position.


Everything you'd want in the city life and more. Taipei has state of the art public transportation, one of the safest cities in the world, and an international center. You can explore a mountain range at one end of the subway line and at the other enjoy a cool walk along the pier. Several day hikes are located just outside the city, and Jiufen is just a 40 minute train ride away.


Name: Sonia Chan (Chu-Yen Chan)


Born in Taipei City, shy at the first sight and you can discover the rest.. She went to Ohio State to study Children's Literature for 2 years and hope to become an illustrator one day. Before studying abroad, she was an intern of Fulbright Taiwan for 2 years. She also worked as an English teacher, a librarian, and a salesclerk of a children's bookstore. 




"Taipei city is an amusement park, you can have fun with friends here or being alone by yourself. Don't forget to work hard, play harder!"