Passing notes, six thousand miles away

Author: Alex Villec, 2017-2018

I left January's Fulbright conference inspired to launch a pen pal project, following in the footsteps of other ETAs who had connected classrooms across the world in this way. The idea resonated with me on multiple levels: under the best circumstances, I believed that mutual understanding, sheer excitement, no shortage of curiosity, and the capacity to compress distances spanning oceans and continents could all stem from a couple dozen letters.


Friendsgiving in Hualien

Friendsgiving in Hualien

The 2017-2018 school year marks Hualien's first year with Fulbright Taiwan. Made up of nine ETAs, the inaugural group has been enthusiastic about teaching in Hualien and engaging with the local community. To celebrate Thanksgiving last week, Hualien's coordinator and ETAs gathered for their very own "Friendsgiving" potluck. 

Remote Service: English Camp in Hualien

With the mission of inspiring English learning, FSE recently brought young English Teaching Assistants (ETA) to a remote area in Hualien. The one-day camp for students was designed around fun stories, games, and creative activities related to American culture with the hope of motivating participants them to learn English.